An extremely cost-effective way to extend the life of parking lots and other asphalt surfaces is by keeping the blacktop clear or abrasive debris, oil-saturated dirt and sand, and unsightly trash or junk. At ACS, we know how important it is that your property and lot look clean, organized and trash free. We remove all unwanted waste, big or small. With regular, scheduled power sweeping, you can insure that your asphalt surface will not only look more inviting, but last longer. We work around your schedule, and generally sweep at night in order to avoid your visitors/customers.
Staying on top of debris, rock, sand, gravel and trash is the perfect preventive maintenance for your parking lot or street. We also offer porter services and trash can liner removal and disposal. We will work with you to create an effective and affordable sweeping schedule, or just a one time sweep.
We offer power sweeping for event cleanup, streets/roads, parking lots, cul de sacs and more.
  • Commercial, Construction, and Street
  • Enhances the appearance of your building, landscape, and lot by removing trash and debris
  • Prolongs the life of asphalt or concrete by removing abrasives such as sand and gravel
  • Reduces tracking of debris into buildings adjacent to lot
  • Lessens the chances slips and falls for the property owners
Sweeper Truck

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